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08 Aug 2005: Castle In A Fallen Kingdom

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Heart Of The Panopticon

We are still, still, surrounded by boxes. There is much more space here - another good reason for our move - but not enough furniture to hide things in.

Meanwhile, British television continues to accede territory to American imports. Five has been showing House recently. I watched one episode of "quirky doctor solves difficult medical cases" and that was enough. Sorry, Hugh. Then there was CSI:NY which beggars belief. Half of the episodes employ the use of some fantastic CSI device the writers have dreamed up to serve the plot (and they always have extensive databases that can somehow be queried far beyond the capabilities of Echelon). In the rest of the episodes, the team miss the most vital piece of evidence until the last five minutes. The CSI team, I kid you not, missed a fingerprint on the murder weapon in one episode. I mean, like, WTF???