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08 Aug 2005: Castle In A Fallen Kingdom

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Electronic Arts?

I get publishing on the web. I don't get blogs.

Publish faster! And faster! Quality irrelevant. Eyeballs are all that count. Rack those hits up. The reality is I just don't have the time or the inclination to publish what happened every single day. I don't think enough interesting things happen to me or occur to me in 24 hours that I'd put on a web log. And if they did, I wouldn't have any time to write about them. I'd be, like, experiencing those interesting things instead.

Certainly some web logs are interesting, particularly ones which aren't updated every single second. My Japanese web log actually has a purpose: to improve my Japanese skills, not to serve up a beautiful dish of wit to a Japanese audience. (However, saying that, I do have a small faithful band that follow my exploits, and I am grateful to Aki's parents for even posting comments.)

And of course, I'm not popular and no-one reads my pages anyway. It's just sour grapes. I wasn't invited to the party so I'm going to moan about those who were.

This site is not a web log.