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16 Sep 2006: Venezia

A picture

Arena di Verona

Another excursion took us the Verona which I felt was a nice little town with a relaxed atmosphere. That is, apart from Juliet's balcony of Roman and Juliet fame, which was under fierce assault from couples in panicked embraces trying to enjoy the fantasy romance that the location was supposed to represent. Aki and I took a picture as fast as we could and walked away, before some sweaty arm grabbed us by accident into the wrong embrace.

Oh yeah, the picture is of the amphitheatre there. Cool huh?

The excursion to Verona also took us to Sirmione, which I remember because of the boat trip around the town and also the ice cream. Ohhhhh the ice cream. Italian gelato is so much more than what the phrase ice cream conjures up. Ice cream is scooped out of slabs. Gelato is lovingly prepared and often looks like a small mountain range nestled in a tray. Yeah, it's the dessert version of Lake District.

I've been waiting to use that description for months.