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31 Aug 2008: Cots and Cotswolds

A picture

Great Rissington

After Winchcombe, we travelled to the two Slaughters. Lower Slaughter has an old mill with a museum attached to it. They sell lots of stuff there but caveat emptor: a great deal of it is not local. There are a lot of Harrods items, for example, which are there for the more international tourist looking for something of the country rather than the place.

Anyway, we didn't want to go much further south having driven around enough. The only real destination we had left was Bourton-on-the-Water, famous for the number of tourists it attracts. It is also famous for its alternate title "Venice of the Cotswolds". We drove through and realised it was still too early to explore - too many people and I almost ran down five people in the car park in five separate incidents.

So we drove to random destinations and we hit upon a small group of villages - the Rissingtons - all pretty deserted in the afternoon.

We stopped at Great Rissington and spent some time on a bench, under a tree, that looked out over a Cotswolds vista in the middle of the village. Aki lay on the bench, her head on my lap, as the breeze blew softly from the plains. It was one of the nicest moments of the year.