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25 Sep 2008: The Second

A picture

Significant Others

You don't need a blow by blow account, but I will just say birth is a more punishing and brutal experience than either of us had realised. Aki rode through the process with little pain relief, and that pain shot off the scale when her waters finally broke. Next time she might think about other pain relief options. Heck, I think I might have an epidural because of the stress.

Kai was delivered at 21:50 and when he popped out I thought he didn't look like a human being. He was like an inactrive animatronic puppet. No scratch that, animatronics were more lifelike. But the puppet opened its eyes and I realised that this thing actually was alive. Here was the moment it crossed from bloody, strange lump into living entity. An entity with a conehead, of course.

And here endeth the tale. Mother and baby discharged the following day; the pictures have told you all the rest.

P.S. And neither of us have caught up on our sleep yet.