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04 Apr 2009: Five Years On

A picture


Here is the extended clan with Aki's parents, her grandmother and aunt's family. One heck of a rollercoaster Japanese day. Kai was a bit stunned with all the attention and lost his way towards the end, unable to keep it together.

The food was good, although I steered a course away from alcohol as I was feeling decidedly tired.

Sunday was lost to a delirious fugue as the third cold of the month demolished me. I barely moved from the bed for the whole day. I was supposed to hop over to Odaiba with Aki and had been looking forward to it - but it was not to be. I slept for most of the day and we made the decision to move Kai to Aki's parents house to make sure I could sleep well and try to keep Kai out of the contaminating reach of his infected father.

This would turn out to be futile.