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29 Nov 2010: Months of Crazy

Aki, Aki's mum, Leah and Kai flew over to Japan yesterday. As far as I can tell it was a restless flight, but the coming weeks should be a lot easier for Aki. Leah and Kai will get over the colds they are working through for one thing.

I have plenty of things to keep me occupied - such as getting this web site update out the door - but the house being so quiet does make me a sad panda. I hope the snow doesn't keep me trapped indoors tomorrow because I have plans, great plans. Like always.

Writing Corner

Writing has been fairly successful recently. Not in the money stakes but you could say the prestige ones. I can't feed the family with prestige but it sure does look purdy in the mirror.

An article about the effect of "destructive criticism" on game developers finally went up on Resolution Magazine and attracted mucho attention. Seemed the topic touched a lot of developers' hearts, and was tweeted around for a good week.

But that was absolutely nothing compared to the insane internet splash generated by a piece I wrote about a game where the X-Men were turned into prostitutes, which ended up all over the place. I wrote an interview with the developer as a followup, which also got a plug on a famous gaming site.

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