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01 May 2011: Displacement

While Aki was in Munich with Kai and Leah, I received word we had to leave our home in Beckenham. Whoa, hang on - Munich - where did that come from?

The snow fell upon the Earth after Aki's flight departed to Japan last November. While the snow had thawed by the time she was due to return, there was a mega-snowfall two hours before he flight was due to land. A mega-snowfall that knocked out many of England's airports for a week. Her flight hovered over Heathrow for a while but was eventually diverted to Munich because they were running out of fuel. Waiting for the signal to return, Aki, Kai and Leah were trapped on the grounded plane for hours until finally it was decided... Heathrow was closing for the night. The three of them were shuttled to a hotel while I slept in the car at Heathrow overnight. I waited patiently until I got the text at 5am saying there would be no flight that day either. I drove home alone through a snow-soaked cityscape. I have never hated snow more.

In the end, we had to buy new plane tickets to get them out of Munich. Delayed flights were low priority compared to new ones, and their original plane was returning to Narita because it just couldn't go forward. (The tickets were refunded.)

After Aki arrived, much like a similar experience in 2005, I had to tell her it was time to move out of the home we'd lived in for three years. The home where Leah had been born. Our landlords were returning to the UK and wanted their house back. Unfortunately, Christmas is the worst time to look for places as the market is dead.

We were fortunate to find a place we liked, still in Beckenham. I'm further away from a station and my door-to-door commute is now a little over an hour, but somehow it feels more agreeable. I walk through Trafalgar Square every day and Trafalgar Square, generally, lets me do so.

Electron Dance Corner

Electron Dance continues to increase readership with every week. I finally wrote up the exhausting Neptune's Pride game I played last year and this diary, if I do say so myself, is one of the best NP diaries out there. It attracted all sorts of gorgeous comments. I have also joined what has been dubbed "The Alliance of Awesome" where Electron Dance and a couple of other sites do podcasts and other cross-pollination activities.

Here's a Youtube video I made depicting our four-week Neptune's Pride game.

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