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13 Aug 2011: Rye

Rye It was high time we had a holiday, so we picked up our stuff and went to a cottage near Rye for seven days. When we came back, we needed a holiday.

01 May 2011: Displacement

Displacement The more things change, the more they stay the same. Who coined that phrase? Because it's rubbish. I've never seen so much change before and nothing is the same.

29 Nov 2010: Months of Crazy

Months of Crazy Step two: Put one life in blender. Spin on highest setting for two months.

02 Oct 2010: Leah

Leah Leah Alice Goodwin is here at last.

31 Aug 2010: Last Days As One

Last Days As One Kai spends his last days as an only child.

30 Jun 2010: Three For Now

Three For Now A cottage trip, a new web site, an ongoing pregnancy and tweeting. Oh yes, tweeting.

26 Apr 2010: Part Two

Part Two Joyous news. I can now reveal, exclusively to this web site, that another baby is on the way. I also had a colonoscopy. Uhhhh... let's concentrate on the baby news, hey?

28 Feb 2010: These Black Hole Days

These Black Hole Days This year has not gone well so far. Colds caught: Innumerable. Gastrointestinal infections: 2 (1 each). Hospitalizations: 1.

24 Dec 2009: End Of Year

End Of Year A holiday. At bloody last.

30 Sep 2009: One

One We survived one year with Kai. With good luck and a little magic, so did Kai.

31 Jul 2009: The Lessons Learned

The Lessons Learned Aki's maternity leave comes to an end.

26 May 2009: Growing Older

Growing Older Kai gains mobility and begins to eat food. He is also producing enough saliva to drown a hamster.

04 Apr 2009: Five Years On

Five Years On In 2004 I wrote an entry called Four Years On when I said goodbye to Japan. It's time to go back.

10 Mar 2009: Snowbaby

Snowbaby The biggest snowfall in recent memory, and Kai was still not impressed. Our trip to Japan is just around the corner. If that doesn't please him, I don't know what will. Oh yes I do - flying in the air works!

30 Jan 2009: Kai Is...

Kai Is... Kai is crying, squealing, spinning and travelling.

18 Dec 2008: This Time It Will Be Different

This Time It Will Be Different Whoa, what a year this was.

26 Oct 2008: The Falling Leaves

The Falling Leaves No holiday to Mexico this month. No. Instead, we decided to stay at home and take pictures of Kai.

25 Sep 2008: The Second

The Second On Sunday 21 September at 21:50, our second achievement of the year arrived in the Princess Royal University Hospital, weighing 2.88 kg or 6 lb 6 oz. Kai Adam Goodwin is alive.

31 Aug 2008: Cots and Cotswolds

Cots and Cotswolds Not much time left now before two become three. Here be the photo record of our final holiday as a twosome.

28 Jun 2008: The Brightest And The Best

The Brightest And The Best The rollercoaster pace of the year continues. A brief stop in Brighton, and finally, the arrival of something we've been anticipating all year. Uhhh... a car.

30 Apr 2008: Catastrophe Theory

Catastrophe Theory In mathematics, catastrophe theory is the study of sudden changes. Do you think pregnancy meets the criteria?

24 Feb 2008: The First

The First The first achievement of the year is almost in the bag. We're moving! Whoa, is it just me, or is everybody feeling a bit dizzy from déjà vu?

27 Dec 2007: Turning Pages

Turning Pages Night falls upon 2007 and the sun rises over 2008. What do we think of this year? And perhaps of more importance - what think we of the next?

31 Oct 2007: NY Edition

NY Edition This month's personal message. No Jen, even though there was one real decent episode I still don't like Heroes!!!

05 Aug 2007: Highlanders

Highlanders We had planned to go to Scotland for two years. Was it worth the wait?

01 Jul 2007: Jersey, the Job and Joel

Jersey, the Job and Joel We went on holiday (again). I got a new job (again). I got a story published (for the first time).

12 May 2007: No Falcons Please, We're Maltese

No Falcons Please, We're Maltese This month, Joel gets to eat cake and Aki is insulted by a road sign. Oh yeah, baby, it's Malta!

31 Mar 2007: Space

Space I don't have a great deal to show you or tell you. Why you might be compelled to click on this month's update after that resounding endorsement beats me.

21 Jan 2007: Barcelona

Barcelona Last year was cool. Now let's remember that the years of my life are just like the Star Trek movies. They alternate between good and crap. What would you predict for 2007? Don't be shy.

05 Nov 2006: Dublin

Dublin We went to Dublin and I have to talk about that now. I promise to avoid every Irish cliche in my fat black book, so don't worry about that, oh Danny boy.

16 Sep 2006: Venezia

Venezia Grazie. Buon giorno. Prego. Mi scusi. Ti amo. Do you think I learnt any Italian when we went to Italy?

31 Jul 2006: Bi For Now

Bi For Now Not only does this play on words make it look like I'm admitting to some sexual deviancy, but it also looks like I'm quitting the site. I'm so amazing, because it means neither! Bow down little ones to my literary word play. Respect.

24 Jun 2006: Unreliable

Unreliable There are many unreliable things in Britain. The food at your table. The smile from your waitress. The time of the delivery. The quality of the build. The words from your financial adviser. The news in your tabloid. The honesty of your elected government. The weather, though, wins hands down.

06 May 2006: Ambleside

Ambleside Off we went to the Lake District to see new things for five new days. We took new pictures for you there.

20 Apr 2006: Halfway to Somewhere

Halfway to Somewhere I am unemployed - for just two weeks. I'm spending my freedom wisely, don't you worry. There is one thing I am not doing, though, and that is looking for another job.

31 Mar 2006: Level Up

Level Up Seriously, we're three months into the year, that's one quarter already behind us, and has anything changed? By gum, it has. Read on, my readers, to be amazed, surprised and inspired.

26 Feb 2006: The Open Season

The Open Season A duck quacks. A dog barks. A parrot squawks. A software developer whines.

22 Jan 2006: Tempus Edax Rerum

Tempus Edax Rerum Last month it was Portugeuse, this month it's Latin: time is the devourer of things. And Happy New Year to you too.

24 Dec 2005: Feliz Natal

Feliz Natal Japanese exam completed? Check. Holiday on island of Madeira? Check. Christmas tree installed and decorated? Check. Christmas presents bought? Holy shit.

27 Nov 2005: Global Frequency

Global Frequency Compelled by a common insanity, they gather at assigned locations dotted around the globe. They meet as strangers, they will leave as strangers. Destiny is here today. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is at hand.

20 Oct 2005: Maelstrom

Maelstrom This is Big Brother. You have been evicted. Please leave the Big Brother house. This is Big Brother. You have been evicted. Please leave the Big Brother house.

28 Sep 2005: Bright On

Bright On Going somewhere? Come back, there is more to see. There's always more to see. And don't blink. Not even once. We'll know.

04 Sep 2005: Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf I've finally got round to doing a sequence on Canary Wharf. This can only mean one thing: my life is so boring, I have no good pictures to draw from this month.

08 Aug 2005: Castle In A Fallen Kingdom

Castle In A Fallen Kingdom And now for something completely different. A rant about the UK.

22 Jul 2005: Unnecessary Evil

Unnecessary Evil I was going to write this month about our new flat and British service, having been blasted off the internet for weeks by bureaucratic incompetence. Then four men with explosives rewrote my stories and those of many others.

31 May 2005: Exercise This

Exercise This Those of you who do not live in the UK will not wholly appreciate the bottomless pit of cultural despair that this country has fallen into. Two words. One of these words is "Frog" while the other is "Crazy".

30 Apr 2005: A Sky Clearing

A Sky Clearing Where else could you go for tales of exploding vacuum cleaners, self-aware lifts, the beauty of spring and being attacked by police cyclists? Your money back if you're not satisfied.

28 Mar 2005: Own Devices

Own Devices So we celebrate a year of marriage together and what does Aki go and do? She gallivants off to Japan for a business trip. If I wasn't a man I could legitimately complain that my emotional needs weren't being satisfied. Fortunately I have a job coming up to distract me from my unsatisfied emotional needs.

19 Feb 2005: The Winter Cold

The Winter Cold Now that Aki has a job, I am alone in the flat during the daytime. Will I set about becoming a first-class house husband? Will I lie on the sofa in my underpants, watch This Morning and weep while contemplating the emptiness of my life? No, of course not! I will go out into the great city of London, wander the streets, taking shots of images that catch my eye. Wearing only my underpants.

28 Jan 2005: One Down, One To Go

One Down, One To Go There has been a sudden 50% decrease in unemployment amongst the population of our flat.

22 Jan 2005: The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On As is usual recently, there is no major news. I just start typing something random which might attract your eyes from a distance as you browse through Google. Blah blah blah. Blah blah. Blah blah blah. Oh I forgot to mention interviews.

22 Dec 2004: A Christmas Toast

A Christmas Toast A big year comes to an end. What next for our intrepid heroes in the land the Japanese call Igirisu?

20 Nov 2004: Mathematical Muscle

Mathematical Muscle March, we got married. July, we left our jobs. September, we relocated to the UK. November, umm, we got a printer. All right, I was just trying to avoid the unpleasant truth that I'm getting into mathematics again.

26 Oct 2004: Kulcha Shock

Kulcha Shock You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris? They call it a "Royale with Cheese".

20 Sep 2004: Arrival

Arrival Aki and I have arrived in London and have moved into a new apartment. We also have mobile phones, which, believe me, is a real achievement for unemployed people with no recent credit history.

26 Aug 2004: Four Years On

Four Years On This is it, my very last post from Japan. Read it and weep.

28 Jul 2004: New Zealand

New Zealand So we've done New Zealand, another country to tick off the list of destinations. In other news, Aki and I are getting ready to leave Japan.

03 Jul 2004: Countdown

Countdown Thus far, everything is going according to plan: we are now unemployed. Although most people wouldn't consider "unemployment" a successful plan.

19 Jun 2004: Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy It's night. Looking out of my window, I can see the traffic flow around the towers of Nishi-shinjuku. I really should make the most of this view while I can, because I am leaving Japan very soon.

29 May 2004: Honeymoon in Kyushu

Honeymoon in Kyushu Far too much time had elapsed since our last holiday, a whole three months, so it was natural for us to go on another adventure in Japan. In May, we went exploring Kyushu.

18 Apr 2004: A Quieter Month

A Quieter Month Having never worn a ring before, it's taking me some time to get used to having a piece of metal on my hand. To date it has smacked rather hard against the kitchen surface, ripped open the rubber gloves I wore while washing some plates and generally caused public mayhem. I bet you that nice Mr.Frodo never had to put up with this.

21 Mar 2004: You Did What!?

You Did What!? I, uh, got married. As for your next question, yes, it was to Aki. And with regards your final question, no I have not taken leave of my senses.

29 Feb 2004: Hokkaido

Hokkaido Ever wanted to visit Hokkaido in the winter but you were afraid it was too cold? Not to worry, I went there and took pictures for you. I also lost a leg and three fingers to frost bite, but nothing stands in the way of the freelance journalist. In other developments, the entire web site has been renovated. At last.

01 Feb 2004: Forward Again

Forward Again I missed the January update by one day. If you can find the strength to excuse this terrible failure, please proceed to have a look at some pictures of Christmas in Tokyo, 2003.

20 Dec 2003: Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans Seriously, reading this article will bore your socks off. I moan about my exam, I ramble on about the technicalities of my RSS feed and give you a one-line review of Matrix Revolutions. And no pictures!

13 Nov 2003: Hong Kong Rendezvous

Hong Kong Rendezvous Summoned to Hong Kong for an important event, we also took the opportunity to go for a holiday. Cool!

21 Oct 2003: Reading

Reading As my second attempt at the Level 2 Japanese Proficiency exam looms, Captain Desperation enters the fray.

20 Sep 2003: Cows Special

Cows Special Cows, cows, cows, cows. Cows. Furthermore, cows.

15 Sep 2003: Death of a Loved One

Death of a Loved One
Fellow BGIer, Punit Mittal, said that he had been told that this site was full of sick jokes and creepy humour. This is the kind of advertising one can only dream of. 

05 Aug 2003: Permanence

For those of you with a background as sad as mine, you might know that Dungeons & Dragons has a spell called 'Permanence' which was supposed to make magical effects permanent. Someone must have cast that spell this month, as I was converted from contractor to full-time employee at BGI.

29 Jun 2003: Aki Finds a New Job

Aki Finds a New Job This time, the title says it all.

17 May 2003: Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills A long time coming, Roppongi Hills has finally opened to the Japanese public. Its office space may remain vacant for some time to come however...

13 Apr 2003: Three Times Ten

Three Times Ten If life were really like Logan's Run, I would have died in the Carousel this week. Life isn't like that though and I completed the 30th year of my life in relative safety.

16 Mar 2003: Learn Java in Seven Days

Learn Java in Seven Days On Valentine's Day, February 14, Japanese women give men chocolate. On White Day, March 14, Japanese men give women something in return. Plus, presents are also given to coworkers, not only to your beloved. The industry's long-term goal: Joe Public-san buys everyone a present everyday.

12 Feb 2003: Kurisumasu

Kurisumasu As it is February, it seems like an appropriate time to publish some pictures of Christmas in Tokyo. I also have a fever, so that's why none of this makes sense.

09 Jan 2003: Opening Monologue

Opening Monologue The year known as 2002 is finally over - and a new year is upon us all. 365 days in the making, is 2003 all it's cracked up to be? Do I care?

13 Dec 2002: Betwixt

Betwixt New job, preparing for a trip to the UK, an entertaining event known as the "Level 2 Japanese Proficiency Test" and more pictures.

03 Nov 2002: Doing Kyoto

Doing Kyoto I went to Kyoto in October. After five days in Kyoto, I came away with nearly 250 photos. Uh, here are just twelve of them.

09 Oct 2002: All Good Things

All Good Things September was certainly a different month. After nearly five years at Wilco International, it was time to leave. Today's word is redundancy.

15 Sep 2002: Fire and darkness in September

Fire and darkness in September Everything was going so well. Children were playing in the streets, animals danced through the forest of joy and all were happy. However, little did they know that September had the potential to change everything. This weekend was a good example. Goodbye Mr. Web Host.

07 Sep 2002: Why so much rain?

Why so much rain? As summer is suddenly replaced by the rain that gave Noah cause to build the Ark, sitting indoors and reading books becomes an appealing strategy.

31 Aug 2002: End of Summer

End of Summer Been a little busy working at JP Morgan Chase the last few weeks but I've found the time to put together this small update. This week, Daikanyama and more from the Japanese public transport system.

18 Aug 2002: Ikspiari

Ikspiari It's about time I introduced you to Ikspiari, an outpost of strangeness located in Maihama, next to Tokyo Disneyland.

18 Aug 2002: Born Again Intersect

Born Again Intersect Two years on from Intersect's humble beginnings, it's still humble. I decided to revise it anyway and here's the result. Read more if you're interested.