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31 May 2005: Exercise This

A picture

JP Morgan, London Wall

It wasn't until the ambulances arrived that I had realised something had happened. A man, lying on the floor in the road some metres behind me. While I was working on code, ambulance crews were trying to save a man's life, a man who fell afoul of the traffic somehow.

I had a ringside seat but didn't feel comfortable just standing at the window, looking on. He didn't need another witness. But still, curiosity compelled me to glance over my shoulder, from time to time, to see his progress. The ambulance crews continued to work on the man, his condition worsening. The police came into the office and asked if anyone had seen the accident. I saw nothing. I had sat there and seen nothing, heard nothing.

More time passed and I turned around to find that the ambulance crew were no longer gathered around the fallen man, his form now covered by a red blanket. Later, after he had been taken away, his blood was washed from the road's surface. The scene cleansed, the police removed the cordons and the traffic flowed on. Who would know that this was a place at which a man had died that day?

When it was time to return home after the day's work was done, I regarded the road with suspicious eyes, wondering if another accident was waiting to happen.