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28 Sep 2005: Bright On

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Days ago, and a day tomorrow, you were and will be worrying. Bills to pay. Late trains to catch. Targets to meet. Are you a can do person? Negotiate the best insurance deal. Let's do lunch, meet discuss chat exchange ideas. Achieve. Achieving something? Achieving nothing? Roar of the traffic. The crowd offensive; the crowd oppressive. A pension or two will do you fine. Invest. Are you being burgled right now? Better offers if you buy two instead of one. Let us carpet bomb your eyes with capitalist napalm. BUY. Living in the toilet, silent cubicle tears. Count your calories. Time for a TV shower. Automate, automate. Are you hands on the ladder? Are they slipping? Are they? Are they?

Sitting beneath the twilight sky, listening to the waves creep gently across the pebbles, this is your time. You can blink now, it's okay. You can close your eyes now, it's okay. Just for a while, just for a little while.