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31 Mar 2006: Level Up

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Didn't We Just Say Goodbye Already

Yeah and so a day after Chris goes, Sayantan says he cannot bear being without Chris and decides it is time to leave the team. And not just the team, he goes and flies all the ways back to India, as if that's going to get him through this emotional crisis.

So we all go to a local Thai restaurant and say goodbye Sayantan. He insists that he has been planning a return to India for some time but, no no no, we're all extremely sure that he can't deal with the born again Chris Jack-less team.

In the background, you can see Purnima in pink. As I told you in the last picture, peach is my thing, so I would certainly have no designs on Purnima's attire. No, sir. There is another picture available of the rest of the attendant team.

Anyway, so now that Chris and Sayantan are gone, I decide I can't deal with this anymore, two people in one week, it's too much. And Babak is on holiday, for Pete's sake, and Nick moved teams just recently too, and I moved buildings (not to mention desk) ending up sitting alone like a desert island office worker with little chance of rescue, and it's enough to drive a sane man out of his tiny mind. So then I say I'm going too.

And of course, none of this is true, because fiction is stranger than truth.