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13 Aug 2011: Rye

We went to Rye a couple of months ago, here are the pictures. I actually got this update ready two months ago but never got round to writing the words. Well, here we are.

Electron Dance Corner

Electron Dance has plunged into a serious project that covers 80s gaming, using a modern analytical eye and a more journalistic attention to detail: an interview with Brian Moriarty; a look at a pivotal historic moment in Infocom's Planetfall; a well-read article on an Atari title called Necromancer and its late developer Bill Williams; a look at the origin of Boulder Dash and an interview with its author Peter Liepa; exploring a nuclear reactor simulation written by Chris Crawford in 1981 (see video below, a surprising success by Electron Dance standards); and finally the conception of LucasArts and its first game Rescue on Fractalus! with an interview with its designer. It's been a punishing schedule and piles more work than originally estimated. Going to take it really easy once all this is over.

KaiLeahTube Corner

Great Music From Video Game Trailer Corner

An incredible piece of music called Iron from Woodkid.