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20 Nov 2004: Mathematical Muscle

It's true, I've been flexing my mathematical muscles again. More precisely, I've been doing some self-study on quantitative finance, a subject I'm willing to publicly admit I find interesting because it involves a lot of mathematics. This new strain of madness compelled me to attend a regular gathering of Those In The Field known as the Random Walkers a couple of weeks back.

Aki and I were quite pleased to receive all of our belongings from Japan at the start of the month, pretty much intact. Especially as we no longer have to put up with the tiny excuse for a television we had been using and replace it with the monstrous plasma beast that I had purchased just a year ago. The relocation squad's next client was apparently Julia Sawalha, and I told Aki this excitedly, as if it was something of great import, and then she asked me to explain who this Julia Sawalha was.

In real life, we've seen a few familiar faces this month, met up with Nick Anderson who I originally met at Wilco and Paul Burton from University. So let it not be said that I'm a socially-inept hermit who prefers his glowing blue PC for company. Although the weather is gradually deteriorating, so I may well find my PC to be a more attractive option than braving the harsh elements of the English winter.

I'm rather pleased to announce that Google has finally spidered this site properly and the Google search is now available from the front page. Search until you drop.

Finally, I thought I'd confirm that both Aki and I are actively looking for work, but I'm likely to say nothing more about the search until we actually get jobs. Less hype, you know. However, because of all this effort being directed at getting a job, I haven't spent any time engaged in Japanese revision except for the frequent updates to the Japanese weblog. Reluctantly, I've decided to withdraw from this year's Japanese exam and take it next year instead.

Anyway, I'll leave you to the photos.