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26 Oct 2004: Kulcha Shock

I think we're settling in at last. Although I had done some preparation for a life in the UK before we left Japan, I'm surprised at how much time it takes to get anyone to do anything. For example, we're still waiting for Aki to get full access to her UK bank account. Oh and we still have no intercom downstairs. And a word of advice: try not to move into any really new buildings that have a brand new postcode because those postcodes don't show up on many systems - meaning credit checks and applications are fraught with danger and mayhem.

I replaced my graphics card which fixed my woes from last month. If only that had been the end of it. I was unhappy with the performance of my graphics card, it seemed like it was being choked by the old components that made up the rest of my system. What is a computer geek to do in such circumstances? The most obvious course of action is to buy all the latest hardware and build a new PC, but I showed a little restraint. Okay, you got me, I showed no restraint. So this web page is coming to you from a new PC which glows blue and has six fans.

Unholy Power

Japanese... oh man. I've not been spending much time on Japanese; most of my time has gone on studying financial mathematics and programming. Time to place your bets on whether you will think I will pass or fail the exam in December this year.

Job wise, nothing to report at the moment. Perhaps later.

Lastly, there are a few bonus pictures on the Japanese weblog, for October 11 and October 16. Hope the recent quake didn't disrupt those of you in Tokyo too much.