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30 Apr 2005: A Sky Clearing

Work, work, work. That was Aki's story this month. As for me, well, I started my contract at JP Morgan Chase but I've still got a lot to pick up before I can take on the serious stuff. I also got older this month, being rewarded for the challenges of aging with items such as a DVD recorder for my PC.

I've been working on Japanese quite hard since the start of April, as I have every intention of passing the Japanese Level 2 exam this year. This involves watching anime, reading manga and studying textbooks. For anime, I am working through Evangelion - still - although according to my schedule it should be finished by the end of July, and I've already purchased the dark and philosophical Serial Experiments Lain to fill the void when it's over. Yeah, I always choose the easy options. As for manga, I'm still proceeding through Monster at a much better pace than I did when I started it.

For those who know her, there are pictures of Queenie Kwok's baby girl available on the web.

Lastly, if you're a guy having trouble finding a girl then why not stop by the Fast Seduction 101 Player's Guide? This site is full of strategies, anecdotes and advice for anyone who wants to think of women as an objective in a game. Erm, good luck.

Bonus Pictures

More strangeness from ye olde Japanese web log.

No Damn Cat, No Damn Cradle Corner

Went to see Woody Allen's Melinda and Melinda, which was wasn't bad - certainly not fantastic - although it was marred somewhat by the loud people sat behind my sister and I, who laughed at every single line of the film even the ones that were supposed to tragic and meaningful. The central idea is that life is either comedy or tragic depending on your point of view; although the premise seems undermined as the pair of stories that are used to demonstrate this seem completely different after an initial common starting point.

Finished reading John O'Farrell's I Blame The Scapegoats, a collection of satirical columns written by the author in the Guardian. I think if I'd read them weekly in a newspaper I'd find them more amusing, but having them concentrated into a single book made it quite hard going.

Read Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut which was an easy read, short and crazy. Understand the stupidity of humanity. Understand the reckless pursuit of science with a disregard for its consequences. Understand and believe Bokononism. Understand that no belief is sound without a few lies at its the heart. Recommended.