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22 Jan 2006: Tempus Edax Rerum

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You Gotta Be Freaking Joking

Winter means outdoor ice rinks have popped up absolutely everywhere. My attempts to utilise the cold elements in a performance of motion and elegance have normally met with failure. I tried ice skating once. I chose the wrong size of skates and could not get my balance at all; my friends all laughed at me.

Many years later I tried skiing, that was in Japan. Lack of control over speed meant that I was shooting down the slopes not because I could, but because I could not do anything else. I broke my glasses and cut my face during one mishap. Whenever I reached the bottom of the slope I managed to avoid a ditch by using the tested and tried "falling over violently" method of slowing down; my friends all laughed at me.

So Aki and I came upon Somerset House on our New Year's walk, where there was not only an ice rink but also an ice wall, ready for the climbing. Would it surprise you if I told you that we just had a look around and left? Life has taught me all I need to know about ice and snow, cheers.