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20 Apr 2006: Halfway to Somewhere

A picture

Stoke Newington, Rasa

Once we got to Stoke Newington, we spent some time wandering through Abney Park Cemetary, which is also a nature reserve. Exiting the cemetary, you emerge onto Church Street, which has a delicious variety of restaurants, as well as a branch of Fresh and Wild, a chain of organic/natural supermarkets.

It was not an easy decision, but we chose the bright pink restaurant, Rasa. And what a beautiful and delightful restaurant it was. Rasa offers Indian Keralan, and largely vegetarian, dishes, and has been so successful that it is no longer just the single Stoke Newington restaurant; look carefully amongst past pictures of this site and you will be able to find one of Rasa's shocking pink children in the background.