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21 Jan 2007: Barcelona

A picture

La Xocolata Familia

I had this brilliant idea, as I liked chocolate so much, to go to the chocolate museum. I think I had this impression that it would be all Willy Wonka and chocolate fountains and just... well... I don't know! We took "Joel's fast route" through some inner city suburbs, during which he and his wife thought they might be gunned down despite Barcelona being considered "safe". They also saw a pigeon that crawling across the pavement, leaving a grotesque lake of blood in its wake. This could only be a good omen, right folks? So it was with good humour we discovered that we had completely overshot the museum and had to take another route back.

Anyway, after all that adventure, the museum was rather boring - we covered its interior quickly.

The chocolate in the museum shop was, as it turned out when we started eating it back in the UK, fan-bloody-tastic.