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21 Jan 2007: Barcelona

A picture

Near Santa Maria del Mar

In Barri Gotic, the Gothic Quarter, you can find all these little small streets in which all sorts of restaurants, cafes and shops hide out. In the middle of all these streets we came upon, almost by accident, the Santa Maria del Mar cathedral. It was only on our sight-seeing list as optional, because there are only so many cathedrals you want to look at in a single holiday.

The wall to the right here is one of the cathedral's boundaries. It was beautifully gothic and eerie with its lighting which was a little on the green side (exaggerated by the camera in the above photo). Because you're so close to the cathedral its not possible to get a decent shot of it, but take my word for it, it was cool.

I suppose I should take some time out to discuss the eating habits in Spain.

Aki and I were just thrown by 8pm restaurant culture. Barely any food establishment is open before 8pm and this posed a problem for us. Usually on holiday we like to eat early evening so we can get tucked up in bed on time, ready for a bright start the following morning. Since we were forced to eat late, from our point of view, we found ourselves going to bed late and being groggy every morning. This was the one failure in the trip! Getting up early was near impossible!

Barcelona is a very meaty society, too, so vegetarian Joel had some problems. Still, we found things for me to eat and I have to say - pretty much all of the food we ate was damn good.