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01 Jul 2007: Jersey, the Job and Joel

A picture

St. Helier's Bed

On our final day, we spent an hour trying to find the boat that takes you across to Elizabeth Castle. As usual, Jersey proceeded to thwart us with a lack of signposting. I mean, you can see the castle, but how do you get to it?

Anyway, the castle wasn't as interesting as we were expecting. Not only was it a more modern castle, but the Germans had refitted a lot of it for their purposes during the occupation. This seemed to rob it of its essential qualities and leave its identity in a muddle.

Round the back of the castle, however, is the Hermitage rock where Saint Helier lived. A chapel has been constructed atop this rock; St. Helier actually lived in a hollow round the side (off shot to the left). We thought it looked cool. I'm sure on a dark night, with lightning arcing overhead, it would evoke a certain atmosphere.