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31 Oct 2007: NY Edition

A picture

Buckhurst Thrill

Buckhurst Hill is a quiet-ish sort of place, thrumming with a sort of suburban countryside hybrid vibe where everyone walks around whistling merrily to themselves about how good life is and isn't it great that we don't live in the dirty urbanoLondon but COMMUTE OURSELVES TO BLOODY AGONIZING DEATH EVERY DAY like lemmings constantly throwing themselves against a barbed wire fence or maybe that was just me after some shoddycowboy outsourcing contractor that conned the imbecilic Tube Powers into a contract that locked them in for two millenia actually spent all their money for the next two millenia and then went on strike wanting to be protected FROM MARKET FORCES AND THEIR OWN INCOMPETENCE. And they were pretty pleased with themselves. Who wouldn't be?