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31 Oct 2007: NY Edition

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Goodbye Vik, You Shall Be Missed Almost As Much As Chad

Vik doesn't know who Chad is, but that doesn't matter, because I know who Chad is, and that does matter. If there's one thing that's important on MY web site, then that's ME, and if you hadn't already worked out that that's all that really matters on the internet, personal pages are about gosh the person, then let me spell this one out:


Of course what they really hope this means is

BLOG = ME! ME! => $$$$$ + FAME + WORSHIP

This kind of logic has spawned something called an "internet meme" which everybody thinks is a reference to Richard Dawkins' concept of a meme but actually is just a way to publish how important ME ME is.

Oh before I forget, there's one special mention in the above picture, a particularly handsome man. Yes, the blue-shirted wonder at the back, ME. Anyway, ex-programmer neo-trader Vik was returing to NY after his work was done here in the Sanford Bernstein London office. This night was his farewell to his helpful buddies amongst the IT geeks.

Going clockwise around the table starting from ME, we have Vik, then Craig closest to camera, Dipak, Andreas, Andy, Edwin and ME again.