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24 Dec 2005: Feliz Natal

A picture

Monte Palace

Although not originally on our list of Places We Are Desperate To See, we thought that we should visit Monte Palace Tropical Garden while we were in the area. Our attitude changed quickly though, becoming entranced in no time at all.

The gardens were much larger than we had expected. Stacked with various styles of gardens that meshed cleverly into each other, it was up to you how you approached the gardens as there was no obvious set route, but rather a chaotic network of paths that crisscrossed the grounds. In addition to the gardens, there were a few displays of African art and natural minerals in an exhibition centre near the main entrance.

We stopped briefly at the cafe at the southern end of the gardens, munching on cake and quaffing our free glass of Madeiran wine (a little like sherry I felt). The island views at this end of the gardens were more impressive as there were fewer trees blotting out the sky.

The photo above is taken from the central garden next to the Palace itself.