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24 Dec 2005: Feliz Natal

A picture

The Feared Fall

Let it be known that the levada walks are not all fun and games. There are many sections where you will find yourself adjacent to a drop and, in the above picture, you can see how narrow a typical levada is. Further, you will already have seen in the previous photo that railings are not always going to accompany you. There were a few times where my heart was in my mouth, but Aki isn't bothered by trivial things such as naked height.

Madeira is not regarded as a tourist destination for the younger folk. Demographically, you tend to get a lot of retired folk going to the island. It's an easy place to visit, most of the restaurants are English-speaking and, aside for the occasional freak event, the weather is stable all year round. People don't go to Madeira to party, but that doesn't mean that Madeira isn't a great destination. We saw so much there that a repeat visit could be on the horizon in years to come.

Food is also pretty good. We went to a lot of interesting restaurants, despite vegetarian options being difficult to come by. We were treated to all sorts of new experiences, such as passion fruit liquor which tasted very similar to Benylin. Aki gorged herself on seafood, discovering various delights such as grilled limpets (at the Moby Dick restaurant). During our trip, I saw on TV that there were serious discussions in the EU about reducing fishing quotas because overfishing had been depleting fish stocks. Hmm, I think I know the true cause of the fish stock problem and I'm married to it.