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24 Dec 2005: Feliz Natal

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Toxic Flesh

saw you put that hot diesel in your veins, consoling me that you were going green. i should get out, escape through the passenger window, leave you to smash just one life against the rocks with the speed you crave. remember you asked me to go on a trip, remember that safe place far away and long forgotten; this isn't where we were meant to go, off the map. damn you, why didn't you ever let me drive. my heart pounding an anxious rhythm, we're high atop the cliff and the edge is rushing towards us. my anorexic wallet is no good no more and i reach for the wheel in terrified desperation. but your toxic flesh smothers me once more, breathless and energetic, and i am lost amongst your limbs and sweat, tortured by better memories and transparent hope. and i can't leave you now, together to the end, wheels spinning free, everything coming down, a moment of perfect love before the kiss of the impact