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24 Dec 2005: Feliz Natal

A picture

A Place In The Clouds

The levada walk showed us banana fields, valleys, cliffs and more. On Wednesday, we walked for around five hours (3 hours out, 2 hours back) and experienced another storm during the route (thankfully short-lived). If we hadn't spent so much time chasing tiny lizards on some stone walls during the return journey, we might have got back a little quicker.

After returning to the hotel earlier than expected, we also went for a quick spin around the park next to our hotel (which we had not investigated since arriving in Funchal, would you believe it). Getting back home was fairly smooth, apart from a few problems with Aki's re-entry process which were not really our fault.

As I type this, I've still got my Madeira cold, dressed up all ready for Christmas Day. There's just one picture left, one from Aki's collection. Have a gander and have a nice Christmas. I'll be back in a month as usual. Until then, take care and I'll see you in the brave new world of 2006.