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06 May 2006: Ambleside

A picture

Day Two, Across River Rothay

Returning to Ambleside from Grasmere, we took a different route along the other side of the lake, which took us below the peak of Nab Scar. We passed through Rydal and rejoined our original route at Pelter Bridge across the River Rothay.

Further down the route, Aki persuaded me to accompany her across the river using these cunningly placed rocks. My balance is not the best and with the video camera and backpack I found the quick hop, skip and jump more of a managed fall from one stone to another. I did not have a water incident, even though a passer-by stopped in his car to take a picture of "People Crossing River" that is no doubt out there on Flickr somewhere.

When we got to the other side the public footpath disappeared, although it had been quite clearly indicated with a wooden sign saying "Public Footpath" before we crossed. Reluctantly, Aki told me the great news while we were surrounded by suspicious sheep and lively lambs, all with vampiric fangs the size of houses, exposed as hell in a sparse green field. To survive the inevitable onslaught of crazed, monster sheep, we had to cross the river via the stepping stones again.

Fortunately for you, dear sweet reader, we made it back in two pieces (Aki and I are not one, you know) and ate at an Indian restaurant that evening.