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06 May 2006: Ambleside

A picture

Day Five, Red Screes Summit

Nearing the summit of Red Screes, a mist descended upon us. I do not recall ever having been present in mist that you could see swirl and thicken around you like congealing syrup and then suddenly part and reveal landscape beauty at whim. Joel obviously does not get out that much. He found mist interesting.

Anyway, after I got a little carried away looking for the official public footpath and then realising that it did not exist, we made it to the vertigo-inducing top. Aki is not phased by such things (I have already related our Beachy Head experiences) but I am. I am just trying to explain why I have a weak smile because that really is one hell of a drop down there.

In the distance is Pattersdale, with the just-visible lake being Brothers Water.