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06 May 2006: Ambleside

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Day Five, At the Mountains of Madness

We wanted to end on something significant for our last day. We had considered walking the famous Fairfield Horsehoe, a substantial engagement that takes you up 873 metres/2865 feet. However, this particular route was only recommended for the most experienced fellwalkers and we felt like we might not be ready for it. Take a look at the mountain rescue incident reports for 2006. You will note that during our stay in Ambleside there was not one incident!

We opted instead for the Red Screes, 776 metres/2547 feet high. The route takes first takes you along the Scandale Beck that winds through the valley between the right branch of the Fairfield Horseshoe (on the left above) and the Red Screes (on the right above). This is a generously gentle walk until, of course, you start building up serious height when you hit Scandale Pass, which is the rise that faces Aki in the distance. This route is faintly visible just off centre to the right, you can see a slight indentation zig-zagging as it climbs upwards; don't be misled by the straight lines which are stone boundaries.

As we got closer to Scandale Pass, the view became increasingly impressive and you felt dwarfed by the mountains left, right and dead ahead.

The weather was largely overcast and cool. That was, until we made up it to the Scandale Pass.

The map below indicates our route from Ambleside to the Red Screes and back in blue. The aforementioned Fairfield Horseshoe route in indicated in red.

Map indicating route to Red Screes