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31 Aug 2008: Cots and Cotswolds

A picture

Arrival at Bramley House, Chipping Campden

It was great arriving at our B & B after a loooong journey, having spent most of our time trying to get to the M25. When we arrived we were treated to tea and homemade cake. How cool is that?

Once we were done with that, we walked off to see the village and got completely soaked as a city driver plunged his car through a roadside puddle. A puddle that was beside us. Oh how I hate you city driver!!!!

Our first day in the Cotswolds was confined to Chipping Campden. We overheard a conversation in one of the pubs about how "the pakis are stealing the jobs" and that the shops have to offer jobs to ethnic minority applicants first. I thought this was quite an interesting thing to moan about considering I didn't see a single non-white face during my entire Cotswolds stay.