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31 Aug 2008: Cots and Cotswolds

A picture

Snowshill Manor


So we spent the second half of our rainy day up at Snowshill Manor from which we were expecting very little. We were surprised, some may go as far as say very surprised, that we found ourselves spending a lot more time there than estimated.

The house was previously owned by Charles Paget Wade who, to put it mildly, collected a lot of things. Wade bought curios which he thought were interesting - he was not buying value. Each room holds an enormous number of objects, some you may recognise, many you will not. There are hardly any markers or signs to explain what you're looking at, so buying the programme is a must.

He submitted the house and contents to the National Trust in 1951 and so it remains today, a remarkable curiosity in the National Trust's collection, somewhere you can lose yourself for a few hours.

(and buy cream tea afterwards)