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25 Sep 2008: The Second

A picture

Man Pretends To Mind Baby, Actually Watches TV

Two and a half weeks before the due date, Thursday 18th September, we had one of those little wake-up calls. Aki ejected the non-sticky sticky stuff called the show. The baby turns up within a week of this happening. In fact, some books say labour normally starts within 24 hours, although it's apparently more likely in 2-3 days.

And I remember when Aki told me this very calmly after I got home after a tough day (they are all tough days). I listened sagely, maintaining the calm, nodding my head. And then I thought: Holy Shit.

I was wishing I had more time. I was wishing I had spent what time I did have more wisely. I wish I had not been going to bed so late and could have used each day more efficiently. I wished I had three more wishes.