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04 Apr 2009: Five Years On

A picture


I met up with Aki later that day in Tokyo's high-class shopping district, Ginza. We hadn't seen each other for a couple of days, would you believe it. We had the idea of eating at an old favourite of ours, Nataraj (or "Nataraji" from a Japanese tongue). But we quickly realised we had probably only eaten at the Ginza branch once (the Gaiemmae branch was our regular pitstop) and there was no menu to order from - we were stuck with an uninspiring lunch menu. It just wasn't like old times.

We were running out of opportunities to "reminisce" about the old days and I was still in a poor state. It also sounded like Kai was poorly as well. And in an inexplicable coincidence Aki's parents' dog Junior badly injured himself and was walking around with a bolt sticking out of his leg - becoming Robodog.

While at Ginza, we did do a teensy weensy bit of shopping at Uniqlo and I couldn't resist some ace T-shirts from their Japan Game selection.