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04 Apr 2009: Five Years On

A picture

Meguro Sensei

Friday was the final full day in Tokyo.

I started in Meguro, where I used to go to for my Japanese classes at the MLC. I spent a lot of money here! I also used to go to a small pizza place opposite the MLC; they made the best pizzas that I ever tasted, but it sadly closed down some time before I left Japan, part of the usual business churn of Tokyo. Nothing is constant there; nothing seems permanent. It's not out of trying, it's simply the result of the unstable economic climate.

But MLC is still going and so are my two teachers - Terada-sensei on the right and Nishida-sensei on the left. I'd like to think I made them proud by finally passing the 2-kyuu exam after I left Japan, but my Japanese has dwindled since then.

I was surprised that spending just one week in Japan had stirred up my Japanese engine. I can still remember a lot; the memories and knowledge is simply rusty, but it's all still there, in place, waiting to be rejuvenated and repainted. I was able to talk to my teachers in nothing but Japanese for nearly two hours. Some of it was pretty ropey, but you can't have everything.