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04 Apr 2009: Five Years On

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On Friday evening, we had a meal at Aki's parents' house in Ojima. I saw Robodog, I fed Kai, and I spoke some Japanese (but not too much, I was pretty exhausted).

I started to consider, at this point, that I was about to say goodbye to Japan again. Aki and I never had any illusions that Japan would be our long-term home, but that doesn't make it easy to be apart from a place that holds many good memories.

It had been five years since I had last said goodbye to the country. I miss Japan, right now as I type this I wish I could go buy a can of hot coffee, or visit a 24-hour convenience store (combini). But things have moved on; my life had already become too settled when I left, lacking the vibrance and excitement of the early years. Trips like this recapture the charm and essence of that time.

This won't be the last trip I make to Tokyo; I love the place too much.