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04 Apr 2009: Five Years On

A picture


Aki and I met up in Shinjuku after this and finished all the shopping we had to do. This Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop shown above is new and replaces an Italian restaurant. Aki and I had actually gone to this Italian just once, around 3am in the morning on a New Year's. But it is no longer.

We intended to eat in Tucci Benucch, an Italian restaurant we used to go to all the time at the top of Takashimaya Times Square... but it, too, was gone replaced by a Chinese restaraunt. I think the loss of Tucci was a bigger blow for us than any other of the changes we'd noted.

You can see the queue here is 20 minutes long - it turned into a 35 minutes wait when we left Shinjuku.